Any item that a character can be stolen with the exception of Arcanum and Benedictions. Therefore any weapon, armor, Elixir, or gadget that your character carries can be stolen by another player with varying degrees of difficulties.

The standard clash for stealing any item is your character’s agility plus larceny against either a standard difficulty or the target’s Awareness Rate. If an in game item is unattended and off to the side the difficult is set at zero. This is due to the fact that no one is there, and the item cannot defend itself. If another character is with twenty feet of the item, the clash will be against their Awareness Rate.

If the item is on the target their Awareness Rate gains a bonus depending on the item, and if the item is in use. Weapons, Elixirs or gadgets not in use at the time your character tries to steal them add three to the target’s Awareness Rate. This is because they are on the target, and it’s really hard to steal a gun off of a gun belt on the desperado you are fighting.

Weapons, Elixirs and gadgets in use at the time add six to a target’s Awareness Rate. It is not impossible to steal an item in use, but seriously someone will more than likely notice the potion they had in their hand being missing if they were right about to use it. The hardest item to steal is a target’s armor. It is always considered in use, because the target is wearing it. Armor adds ten to the target’s awareness rate. It is near impossible to literally steal the shirt off someone’s back, but if your character pulls it off. It will be an epic moment at the event.

Related to stealing is looting. It’s just like stealing, but off of dead guys. If an item is looted or stole your character may use that item until the end of the event. At the end of the event all stolen or looted items will be cashed out for their credit value and the prop returned to its owner.