Attack Rates Edit

Attack rates are the base total for attack actions before the addition of bonuses and a card draw. They are quick reference to help make handling anything combat oriented quick and easy to know. There are two types of attack rates: hit rates and damage rates. Below is a chart of the types of attack rates.

Rate Name



Perception + Ingenuity

Melee Rate

Agility + Melee

Fire Arms

Agility + Fire Arms


Agility + Unarmed


Agility + Archery

Influence Rate

Charisma + Interaction skill

Weapon Damage Rate

Damage Bonus + Card

Melee Damage Rate

½ Might + Dg Bonus + Card

Unarmed Damage Rate

Might + ½ Card

Unarmed Weapon Rate

½ Might + Dg Bonus + Card

Defense Rates Edit

Much like rates for offense and attacking, there are rates for defending a character. They are often used rates that help your character defend themselves from the numerous attacks and insults that may come their direction. 

Rate Name


Dodge Rate

Agility + Athletics

Resistance Rate

Constitution + Resistance

Mental Defense Rate

Wisdom + Integrity

Emphatic Rate

Wisdom + Empathy

Awareness Rate

Perception + Awareness