Neutral Factions Edit

The neutral factions are in no way a unified force, they are just all parties that do not want to be directly involved in the conflict. They simply want to be left alone to live their lives. That being said, they are not pacifists and will defend their way of life.

There is no solid culture in the neutral factions. No overarching religion, fashion, or any other such factor. So a character from the neutral factions has little to no limitation on their design or really any guidelines to follow.

The neutral factions prefer to deal with the Renegades out of all the other forces, due to they are the only faction who do not actively try to bring them into the ongoing conflict. Also the two factions just want to not have someone else mess with their way of life.

The neutral factions do not want to deal with the Order or Coalition, unless it is just necessary. This is due to forced conversion or repeated requests to join for the greater good.

Neutral Bonuses Edit

All Neutral characters start with the following:

  • Position: 0
  • +100 credits
  • +1 attribute point