Blessing is mostly a miscellaneous add on for weapons, but other items can be blessed by a priest type character. A blessing takes on different affects depending on what is blessed. As stated in the weapons section a blessed weapon deals double damage to certain super natural creatures, and cannot be used by characters with the flaw dark fate.

Blessed artifacts, armors and gadgets cannot be worn by certain super naturals or characters with the flaw dark fate. They do not grant a higher bonus to the wearer against super naturals, but it is a great way to keep the items from being stolen by a clepto vampire. Elixirs that have been blessed do not work for super naturals and cause the super natural target to suffer half a card draw that can only be soaked by base soak.

Any object that is not a weapon, armor, artifact, Elixirs, or gadget gains the ability to deal half a card draw of damage that can only be soaked by base soak to vampire or similar super naturals. This affect lasts the entire event.

An area up to three hundred yards can be blessed. The blessed area gains the same half card draw damage as blessed objects, but the effect only lasts for an hour due to the difficulty to bless such a large area. In combat it takes two turns to accomplish the blessing of the area. Out of combat the blessing must be performed in front of a GM and must be role played out, and takes five minutes